Year Progress displays the elapsed time progress bar for this year in the browser tab (Chrome extension)

I follow an account called “Year Progress” on Twitter,It will display the percentage of progress this year in the form of a progress bar, which seems to have a more reminding effect than telling you that the remaining days of the year will end.At the beginning of each year, everyone will set the goal that they want to accomplish this year. It’s just that they usually have too little mobility or are used to procrastinating until the time is almost over until they find that they don’t seem to have done anything. If you want to grasp the time well, you can try to turn it on every time. When the browser is paging, it reminds you what percentage has been progressed this year.

This article will introduce “Year Progress“Is a free Chrome browser extension.The main function is to display this year’s time progress bar or remaining time when the browser opens a new page, and it can also customize the background pattern, transparency, display to-do items or mottos, and add quick-start frequently used websites, The operation is quite simple, it can make the original monotonous paging display more functions, which may be helpful for friends who usually work in the browser most of the time.

Year Progress is highly customizable. If you don’t want specific functions (or want to add other functions), you can add or delete them in the settings. What’s more special is that the annual percentage progress bar can specify the number of days or percentages, in a bar or It is displayed in a circle to calculate the number of days that have passed or the number of remaining days.If you are accustomed to using a specific background image, Year Progress also has a custom background image button function, just upload the image to Imgur or others Picture space, Paste the picture link to see the effect.

Year Progress
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Open the Chrome Web App Store page of “Year Progress” and click on the “Add to Chrome“Button to download and install, if you are using a new Microsoft Edge Browsers can also be installed and used directly, because they are all Chromium cores.

Year Progress


The difference is that under the Microsoft Edge browser, the extension function that changes the user’s page will be automatically disabled. Of course, this is a security consideration to prevent users from accidentally installing the problematic plug-in.

Year Progress

So how do you enable it? It’s very simple. Just go to the “Extensions” page of your browser and turn on the switch at the back of the Year Progress plug-in to open it.

Year Progress


The first time you use Year Progress, there will be a language selection screen, you can directly select the English interface, and then you will be asked to enter your name.

Year Progress

The browser’s default paging screen will be replaced by Year Progress. At the beginning, you will see a quick launch website button at the top, the current time, week and year’s time progress bar will be displayed in the middle, and the motto will be randomly displayed at the bottom. Adding a new bookmark or setting is to find the corresponding function in the lower left corner.

Year Progress


From the settings, you can choose whether the time axis should be displayed as a column or circle graph in date or percentage. You can also choose a positive number or a reciprocal number.

What you may want to change is the background image. Year Progress has built-in some pretty beautiful patterns. By adjusting the transparency, there will be a different effect. If you want to use your own image, you can upload the image to Imgur or For other free image spaces, just copy and paste the URL to apply to the page displayed by Year Progress.

Year Progress


There will be a row of bookmark links at the top of the page. You can add your frequently used websites. The settings include names and URLs. By default, there are several example links, which can be modified or deleted in the settings.

Year Progress

In addition, Year Progress also allows users to choose whether to enable the motto and to-do functions. If you want to make the paging clean, you can consider turning them off. It is also a pity to modify it from the settings page. The search box is not added. Sometimes when you open a new tab, you really need the search function.

Year Progress

Three reasons to try:

  1. In the browser tab, the progress bar shows how many percentages have passed this year
  2. Customizable background pattern, motto, to-do list or common bookmark link
  3. There are many options, easily create your own unique paging preset screen

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