UninstallPKG completely removes the packages and related files installed by PKG on Mac

UninstallPKG completely removes the packages and related files installed by PKG on Mac

As a Mac user, how do you install apps?I will probably find out if it’s available on the Mac App Store. If there is, I’ll install it from the Apple Store. Most websites provide Apple Disk Image (DMG) format for users to download. Click and drag to the application. The program folder can be used; the other is the PKG format is the so-called package installation package, generally there will be an installation screen after execution, mainly for higher-level installation programs, which may be modified to system settings, such as input methods and drivers Or online banking security suites are mostly installed using PKG files.

Unlike applications installed from the Mac App Store or DMG, which can be deleted by dragging to the trash can, the packages installed by PKG may not be displayed where the user can see, and the files may be scattered in various folders, usually through The uninstaller of the program itself can be removed, or use a third-party tool such as CleanMyMac.

This article will introduce “UninstallPKG” Is a free Mac application that allows users to completely delete the package (that is, the extension .pkg) and all the contents of the installed files from the Mac, Such as deleting unnecessary functions (perhaps unused printer drivers), deleting programs that are no longer used, or clearing files left over from deleted applications.

According to the instructions on the official website, UninstallPKG can delete all 37,290 related files of Office 2016 at one time, or completely delete packages such as Java or Flash. UninstallPKG will clean up after removing the application, remove it from the Dock and LoginItems, and remove the generated files. Related files.


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Open the UninstallPKG website and click the “Download Now“Button to download the app for free.



If you open UninstallPKG directly after downloading, the following error message will pop up, to the effect that macOS has a security design called’quarantining’ that prevents the application from updating itself.Please drag UninstallPKG through the Finder to the “Applications” folder to execute it and it can be used normally.



The main screen of UninstallPKG will display a list of installed packages, including identification name, file name, installation date, content size and version information, click “View Package“View the package file. To move, just click the lower right corner “Uninstall Package“Will be able to delete the specific package from the computer.


Before deleting, UninstallPKG will list all the package-related files found, click the button in the lower right corner to remove.



A warning message will pop up asking if the user really wants to remove the package and its related content, and the specific application will also be deleted. After confirming, click “Proceed with uninstall“Will be uninstalled.



Successfully removed! UninstallPKG will list the package and the related file paths that have been removed. Isn’t it very useful?


Three reasons to try:

  1. UninstallPKG allows Mac users to completely delete packages installed with .pkg
  2. When deleting, it will check whether there are any remaining related files
  3. List all removed files and paths after success

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