uAutoPagerize automatically loads the next page when scrolling the search results to make browsing the web smoother (Chrome extension)

uAutoPagerize automatically loads the next page in the search results scrolling, making browsing the web smoother (Chrome extension)

Search results of search engines or browsing general websites will encounter situations where there is too much content and need to be presented in pagination. It is usually displayed as a pagination at the bottom. Users can click on the number to quickly jump to a specific page or the previous page. Or browse through the next page, but this requires multiple clicks and non-stop page changing. Therefore, it is better to use JavaScript technology to automatically load the content to achieve Infinite Scroll As a result, scrolling down the webpage will continue to load posts just like browsing a social networking site. If you like this feature, you can also apply it to various websites through the browser plug-in.

The “uAutoPagerize” to be introduced in this article is a free Chrome extension. After installation, you can automatically apply the infinite scrolling function to various websites. In short, When the user scrolls to the bottom of the webpage, uAutoPagerize will directly load the next page content without manually clicking the next page or page number, making the browsing process smoother and saving time.

uAutoPagerize will be automatically applied to search results pages such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, and can also be used on sites that support paging display. Currently, it supports more than 3000 sites.

Because uAutoPagerize may occasionally affect the normal operation of some website functions, such as dragging to the message box at the bottom of the website but directly loading the next content and unable to leave a message, uAutoPagerize will also display a quick Shortcut buttons for pause and resume operation can quickly suspend the infinite scrolling function on any page.

Chrome Online App Store

How to use


Open uAutoPagerize’s Chrome Online App Store page, click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome” Download and install.



When uAutoPagerize is not installed, you can switch pages at the bottom of Google or Bing search results, or quickly jump to the next or previous page, etc. You will also see it on many websites, such as free resource online communities that also use Pagination to mark different pages with numbers.




After installing uAutoPagerize, when you scroll down the search page, it will magically load the next page automatically Content, so that users do not need to manually click on the next page or page number, and the operation is more smooth.


uAutoPagerize will mark the page number at the top when the next page is automatically loaded, so that users can quickly know the content of the current page. This feature is free The resource network community is also effective. The guess may be to judge the link between the upper and lower pages from the source code.



As mentioned earlier, you may sometimes want to pause the uAutoPagerize function in order to browse the page content normally. At this time, you can click the green uAutoPagerize icon in the upper right corner to quickly pause Or resume the operation of the automatic paging function.


Three reasons worth trying:

  1. Applying auto-loading paging and infinite scrolling Infinite Scroll effects on various websites
  2. is like browsing a social network site, you can scroll New content is constantly being loaded on the page
  3. Support Google, Bing or use the pagination function website

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