This brand of chocolate gets “spicy” for Valentine’s Day

The Le Chocolat des Français brand has launched a limited edition of chocolate bars with ginger, known for its aphrodisiac properties, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The funny thing about it is that they have had 5 illustrators who have been in charge of designing a collection of very “suggestive” packaging.

And it is that the illustrations that accompany each of the tablets use “optical illusions” that give sexual ambiguity to some everyday elements that we all have at home: a flower, a bowl of fruit, a candle, a glass…

Illustrated by Aurore Carric

The campaign to present this limited edition is the work of TBWAParis and it presents several bored couples who have fallen into a routine while doing the dishes, doing a puzzle together or watching television. In this context, the tablet is presented as a way to add a “spicy” touch and liven up your Valentine’s night.

This is not the first time that the brand has collaborated with illustrators, in fact since its birth in 2004, Le Chocolat des Français has had more than 400 different artists to bring its packaging to life.

Illustrated by Laurene Boglio

Illustrated by Paul Thurlby

Illustrated by Anaïs Lefebvre

Illustrated by Simon Landrein

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