These are the creative trends for 2022 according to Depositphotos

2022 is officially here and it’s time to look ahead to analyze the creative trends that will be present during the next 12 months. In a situation as changing as the one we are facing due to the pandemic, this can be a very complicated task since we are in a quite different scenario than a few years ago.

Be that as it may, at Depositphotos they have done this exercise and they bring us 8 trends from different creative disciplines that will hit hard during 2022. To develop them, the Depositphotos team has compiled and analyzed the search data from their library, which shows a clear increase in the demand for certain topics such as “logo in Augmented Reality” (which has grown by 742%) or “spontaneous faces” (term which has increased by 383% compared to the previous year). With this, they have drawn some conclusions about what brands and content creators can expect this year.

The Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, the aesthetics of the year 2000 or psychedelic art are some of the trends that are included in this study. «2022 is the year of contrast, where the future walks hand in hand with the past. It is a time when AI-generated music and the metaverse gain momentum to elevate the user experience. On the other hand, the content creators return to the aesthetics of the 2000 effect and the psychedelic art of the 70s to better connect with their audience through nostalgia. This duality is a powerful tool in the hands of creatives. It is what creates new perspectives and inspires unique projects ”, says María Sibirtseva, Head of the Content Team at Depositphotos.

Creative trends for 2022

1. The Metaverse

Facebook and its name change have put the metaverse on everyone’s lips and, obviously, it is one of the trends that will hit the strongest in 2022. The lines between the real and the virtual are becoming increasingly blurred and this will make digital spaces gradually acquire a more realistic appearance with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. Thoughtful 3D elements, interactive motion graphics, ambient music, and immersive sounds will all come to the fore in creative projects in the coming months.

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2. Psychedelic Art

It is time to look back to recover the fun and striking graphic elements of the 70s. A trend that responds to the need to escape monotony and evade reality by generating new experiences. This will translate into striking color mixtures, high contrasts, holographic and grainy backgrounds, abstract shapes … All of this will provide designers with a space for experimentation where they can let their imagination and creativity flow.

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3. Music generated by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been influencing the way we consume content for years, making the decision process simpler and offering recommendations based on our interests. The future is to use AI in the creation of content, making its production more profitable, both in cost and time. Thus, musicians and creators will increasingly use Artificial Intelligence to create personalized content for their listeners, a golden opportunity in a context in which live concerts are an uncertainty due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

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4. Aesthetics of the 2000 effect

Again, it’s time to look back. And it is that the lack of new experiences and positive emotions caused by the pandemic has made a part of the population feel nostalgic for the old days. Millennials and Gen Z are drawn to the 2000 effect aesthetic because it evokes the happiness and serenity they experienced in their childhood and adolescence. Pastel color palettes with pink, yellow, green and blue leading the way and retro-futuristic photography projects with film post-production will be a trend in the coming months.

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5. Science, not fiction

History is replete with examples of “science fiction” innovations that have become reality. And it is that science fiction has been inspiring technological advances for years and years… and also design. That is why in 2022 we will see more extraterrestrial forms, illustrations of super-intelligent robots, dark tones, metallic textures … A trend that goes beyond our own visual interest, but also seeks to theorize and imagine what the future holds for us and what we can do today to achieve a better tomorrow.

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6. Acts of self-love

The concept of self-love is called to reach its peak in 2022 and will manifest itself in different creative fields such as photography. Thus, during the coming year, brands should be more open to working with different types of beauty and bodies and embrace diversity as it makes us all feel more visible and important.

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7. The art of sliding stories

How to tell stories that attract audience participation? That is one of the great challenges for web designers, who are experimenting with new multimedia formats that mix videos, animation and sound to achieve truly immersive experiences. Asymmetrical compositions, oversized fonts, 3D motion graphics, sound effects or inspiring videos will lead this trend.

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8. Everything is immersion

In an ever-changing world, brands are constantly rethinking their advertising formats and strategies to stand out from the competition. And given the myriad of approaches and tools that we all have at hand, leading companies agree on one thing: the key is immersion. 3D ads, augmented reality filters and virtual reality glasses will allow us to closely interact with a product, test it or even customize it before buying it online.

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