The computer cannot upgrade to Windows 11? WhyNotWin11 tells you the non-compliant test items

 The computer can’t upgrade to Windows 11? WhyNotWin11 tells you the non-compliant detection items

Just a few days ago, I introduced the ” Computer Health Check ” application provided by Microsoft. After downloading and installing, you can check whether the computer meets the requirements for upgrading Windows 11 system. If yes, you will receive an update notification when Windows 11 is launched in the future, and you can also upgrade to the latest version of the operating system for free. According to Microsoft’s statement, many computers that have been used for less than four years should be able to upgrade to Windows 11. But this program will only show whether the computer can run the new version of the operating system, and will not tell you why it cannot be upgraded.

In view of this, a foreign developer has created an application “ WhyNotWin11” and opened the source code of the relevant file to GitHub. After the execution of it will check whether the user’s computer specifications are Through the minimum system requirements of Windows 11, because the test items will be listed, you can also know the non-compliant items more clearly you can search the Internet to see if there is a solution, or upgrade your own equipment to meet Upgrade requirements.

But as I said in the Windows 11 “Computer Health Check” article, the current system requirements may change, so WhyNotWin11 also provides an update check function, which can update the detection items to the currently known ones at any time The latest version of.


How to use teaching


Open the GitHub page of WhyNotWin11, you can see the related files and introductions, simply put this program You can check and identify why your computer cannot be upgraded to Windows 11.


Drag down to find the “Download” title, click the first link to download the latest stable version.



After executing WhyNotWin11, various compatibility items will be detected immediately, including CPU, operating system, startup method, CPU compatibility (core number, clock), DirectX + WDDM2, partition type, installed memory, safe boot method, usable capacity and TPM version, if it is green, unknown or not, it will be marked in yellow and red, and the test result of the user’s computer is behind it.

Through this tool, you can accurately determine which items have not passed the Windows 11 system requirements.



There is a “Check for Update” button in the lower left corner. After clicking it, it will check whether there is an update, and the relevant files can be upgraded to the latest version. For future checks, The immediate system requirements are very helpful (you can see from the WhyNotWin11 webpage that there are still some to-do lists still under development).


Three reasons to try:

  1. After execution, you can check whether the user’s computer specifications pass the Windows 11 system requirements
  2. will list the test items for easier identification The problem that failed the test
  3. Open the source code, continue to update and add the latest test items

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