Stream Recorder downloads HLS streaming video tool, the recording mode is automatically saved as MP4

Stream Recorder Download the HLS streaming video tool, the recording mode is automatically saved as MP4

There was an introduction a few days ago Live Stream Downloader is a streaming video download tool. When the format .m3u or .m3u8 appears on the web page, you can download and save the video. M3U8 is actually a plain text playlist, which will save a video. To cut into many shorter files, you need to find these .ts files through the downloader and merge them together. If you usually need to download digital streaming video and audio content, you can try the old-fashioned download tools recommended next.

The “Stream Recorder” to be introduced in this article is a free Chrome browser plug-in. The main function is to obtain the streaming video content (HLS) seen on the web page and convert it to MP4. Download and save in the format but it should be noted that Stream Recorder can only be used in Chrome browser or any Chromium core browser (for example, Microsoft Edge). The advantage is that the operation method is very simple and general The video download tools that everyone is familiar with are almost the same.

It is worth mentioning that Stream Recorder provides two download modes: normal mode and recording mode. When the normal mode cannot successfully obtain the streaming video content, it can be switched to the capture mode for screen capture, but it is required for recording Keep the window open, but I tested a few platforms to get the video content through the normal mode. More importantly, Stream Recorder will automatically convert the video and audio files to .mp4which can be opened with the video player. Browse.

Stream Recorder

How to use


Open the Stream Recorder extension page, click the upper right corner “Add to Chrome” to download and install.

Stream Recorder


After installation, click the extension menu in the upper right corner, and the Stream Recorder “ fixed ” will be displayed in the upper right function bar, no need to click Open the menu, the operation will be more convenient and faster.

Stream Recorder


On the streaming video page, click the “Stream Recorder” icon in the upper right corner to start the downloader.

Stream Recorder

Stream Recorder will display downloadable and captured streaming video content in a new tab, including title, file size, number of divided files, resolution and image quality information. If you see from the preview that it is not what you want to download (there may be advertisements or other videos being put into the downloader), you can also click Pause to choose not to continue downloading.

Stream Recorder


Click “Quailty” to choose the video quality to download, including high quality, low quality or custom size.

Stream Recorder


When Stream Recorder has successfully obtained all the paragraphs and the green Recorded is displayed, click the “Save” button to save and download the movie It is in MP4 format.

Stream Recorder


If you encounter a streaming video that cannot be downloaded smoothly, switch the download mode from the top to “Capture” to start the video recording In capture mode, when you click OK, the playing video page will be automatically refreshed, and then the downloader will start to record the content. Note that when in capture mode, you need to continue to play the video on the original web page, before capturing It is best to choose the quality first. [45Placebutwanttowatchmovies)youcantrytouseasimilarstreamingvideodownloadertoextractthefilesfirst

Stream Recorder

Three reasons to try:

  1. Free Chrome extension, allowing the browser to download and save HLS streaming videos
  2. There are two built-in modes: normal and video recording, If you can’t download successfully, you can switch to the recording mode.
  3. Users can choose the quality of the streaming video and audio they want to download.

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