Stocks House uses a browser plug-in to quickly search for free gallery photos, videos and audio materials (Chrome extension)

Stocks House uses a browser plug-in to quickly search for free gallery photos, videos and audio materials (Chrome extension)

The free resource network community has introduced a lot of foreign countries Free gallery、Free videos with Free audio The website allows users to quickly find the materials they need online. If it is a large gallery, there is basically no need to worry about copyright issues. As long as the authorization method is followed (most of which are to indicate the source and connect back to the original website), they can use it with confidence.I have recommended some gallery search engines before, which integrate a variety of galleries, and you can find multiple websites with just one search, such as the one I like very much Everypixel It can also use algorithms to filter out inappropriate pictures; make it into a bookmark list Stock Photo Search Quickly search 30 gallery sites and another Pixelmob Aggregating millions of photos makes finding images more efficient.

Recommended in this article “Stocks House”Is a free Chrome browser extension. You can add shortcuts to search all major galleries in the browser, providing three types of search for photos, videos, and audio materials., The operation method is very simple. Entering the search keyword will automatically quickly bring the keyword to the pre-selected gallery website in the new tab of the browser. The user can also quickly find the required photo material in the search result, which is very convenient and easy to use .

The sites searched by Stocks House include:

  • Photo:Unsplash、Pexels、Pixabay、iStock、Visual Hunt、Stock Snap、Shutterstock、Free Range 和 Shopify Burst。
  • Film:Pixabay、Videezy、Pond5、iStock、Vimeo Free、Pexels、Shutterstock、Videvo 和 Clip Canvas。
  • Audio:NoCRSounds、Videvo、Clip Canvas、SoundEffects+、Pond5、Sound Bible 和 Pexels。

I have also introduced these websites in special articles. For more information, please refer to the following articles:

Stocks House
Chrome Web Store

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Open Stocks House’s online application store page, click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome“Install.

Stocks House

After installation, follow the instructions and click the extension list to fix Stocks House to the browser toolbar.

Stocks House


Click the Stocks House button to open the search function. Enter keywords to search in the gallery. There are options for photo, video and audio material libraries below. By default, all included websites will be searched.

Stocks House


Enter search keywords and submit them. Stocks House will open the library of these photos or videos in a new tab, and at the same time bring in the user’s pre-set string (that is, to help users quickly search on these sites, instead of opening the search one by one), but It’s important to note that some galleries may have paid content, such as Shutterstock, Also pay attention to the search results.

Stocks House

Stocks House can also be used to search for video and audio materials. It will also quickly open these material sites and bring in search keywords to display relevant results. It is really time-saving and convenient for searching for stocks.

Stocks House


For example, if you use Stocks House to search for free galleries, the browser tab will open these galleries websites, and then find the download function from the website to get the photo materials, such as Pexels, click on the upper right corner “Free Download“Choose the size of the image you want to download. Of course, the authorization method for each photo gallery is different. Remember to check whether you need to mark the source.

Stocks House

Three reasons to try:

  1. Add photo, video and audio library search function to the browser
  2. Integrate a variety of common online galleries, enter keywords to search for these website materials at once
  3. Each gallery has its own authorization method, so be sure to understand clearly when using resources

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