Squoosh Desktop App desktop image compression tool, open source code can be used without internet connection


introduced the free image compression tool developed by Google two years ago “Squoosh”, this is a very powerful online picture optimization service, which integrates various common picture codecs, can make custom adjustments to the photos in the browser, and compare the original pictures and compressions in the split screen, or Differences in details caused by the use of different compression techniques. I used to often use TinyJPG to compress pictures, which can effectively reduce the file size and maintain the picture quality. Later, when you open it on the website, Jetpack CDN directly replaces the picture URL to achieve integration acceleration, diversion and Compressed picture effect.

The “Squoosh Desktop App” to be introduced in this article is the Squoosh application and its “offline version”. It can also be used without a network connection. the developer Matias Based on the Google Chrome Labs open source code and Electron, Benedetto has developed image compression tools applicable to Windows, macOS and Linux. The same is released on the GitHub project page with the open source code.

Squoosh Desktop App provides easy-to-process image functions, such as optimization, resizing, compression or transcoding. It also has some of the best image codec options. More importantly, it can be used 100% offline. Drag the picture to Squoosh to compress it.

Squoosh Desktop App

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Open the Squoosh Desktop App website and click “Download” It will skip to the version selection, and provide software downloads corresponding to the three operating systems of Windows, Mac and Linux. Among them, Windows has a portable installation-free version (Portable).

Squoosh Desktop App


After opening the Squoosh desktop version, the interface looks similar to the online Squoosh. Just drag the photo to the application to compress and optimize it. At the beginning Squoosh provides several different sample pictures: large photos, art work, screenshots and SVG icons, you can click to test first.

Squoosh Desktop App


I directly used the large photos (2.8 MB) provided by Squoosh for testing. After opening, it will be divided into two blocks on the left and right. The left side is the original picture, and the right side is First use one of the compression tools to process, you can see that the compressed image has changed from 2.79 MB to 859 Kb, and the capacity is reduced by 69%. By dragging the middle button to quickly compare the difference before and after compression, it is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Squoosh Desktop App

Squoosh provides several algorithms for compressing photos, including OptiPNG, MozJPEG, WebP, etc. Click to switch other compression tools to compare which optimization Can provide the best file size or photo quality.

Squoosh Desktop App


Each algorithm for optimizing photos has different customizable options. For example, WebP can adjust the compression ratio, image quality or set to “Lossless”, you can also edit the picture (resize, reduce the color palette), and the preview will be updated immediately after setting. You can see if you get a better compression effect from the picture size in the lower right corner.

Squoosh Desktop App

In fact, Squoosh can select different compression methods or set option configurations on the left and right sides to achieve the function of comparing different picture sizes and quality (also can quickly bring options into On the other side), after compression, just select the “Download” button in the lower right corner or the lower left corner to save the compressed photos.

Squoosh Desktop App

Three reasons to try:

  1. Make the Squoosh photo compression tool an offline version, which can still be used when there is no Internet connection.
  2. Integrate OptiPNG, MozJPEG, WebP And other encoders, can also adjust the picture size or convert the format
  3. supports Windows, macOS and Linux, with open source code interpretation from GitHub

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