PostureMinder reminds you to pay attention to your sitting posture, a Chrome extension to get up and move

PostureMinder reminds you to pay attention to sitting posture, you should get up and move Chrome extensions
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Modern People often have the so-called sedentary problem because of work. Sedentary is a health killer. Although everyone knows it is hard to avoid, you can only try to remind yourself to get up and move around. Another situation is sitting too much. It is easy to cause poor posture for a long time, such as the most common way of lifting your feet or slowly sliding your body or leaning to one side due to habit problems, which invisibly increases the burden on certain muscles. To adjust the sitting posture, you can choose from The height of the computer desk and chair suitable for your height Start, plus other tools to remind you to pay attention to sitting or getting up and walking although it is difficult, it can indeed improve all kinds of soreness caused by long-term sitting or long-term poor posture .

The “PostureMinder” to be introduced in this article is a free Chrome browser extension which can remind users at a fixed time to pay attention to sitting posture, or how long to get up after Walking and stretching this is a simple timer and reminder, it will be very useful for sedentary people (provided that you can’t turn off the notification and continue to sit, so that there is no effect), I used to Introduced Break ReminderStand for Mac and Take a break are all similar tools.

PostureMinder does not have any complicated options, it only has to set the time interval of two different timers, “Attention posture” and “Get up and walk”, and whether to play sound effects and turn off notifications. The timer can usually be turned on and off easily. , Even if the notification is not required, it will not affect the normal use.

Chrome Online App Store

How to use


Open PostureMinder on the Chrome Online App Store page, click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome” Download and install extensions to the browser.


PostureMinder will generate an icon, click it to open the setting options.



PostureMinder has two main reminders: shows the attention posture and to get up and walk around the default is 15 minutes and 60 minutes, If you want to turn on the reminder to move around, you need to check the enable interval, and it can also be adjusted to the time interval you are more accustomed to.

There are two types of close reminders at the bottom. The first one is to click close to close it, and it will stay on the screen until it is turned off. The other is to close automatically after a fixed number of seconds. You can also follow your own Preference adjustment.

Don’t forget to click “Update” at the bottom to save the update and start timing after setting.



When the time is up, PostureMinder will pop up the browser notification. The first is to remind the user to pay attention to the posture. When you see it, remember to adjust your sitting posture and see if you have any Accidentally hunched, leaned forward, or leaned sideways.


If the second notification is turned on, as soon as the time is up, you have to get up and walk around, move your body, drink saliva or take a breath will help relax your body and let you have More stamina to continue the next stage of work!


is worth trying three reasons:

  1. free Chrome extension, can remind users to pay attention to sitting posture, get up and walk around to avoid sedentary
  2. custom reminder time interval, you can choose whether Play sound effects and turn off the reminder method
  3. To adjust your sitting posture, you can start by choosing the height of the computer desk and chair that suits your height.

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