Pichon offline search, access to 130,000 free icons ICONS support various operating system software

Pichon offline search, access to 130,000 free icons, ICONS support various operating system software

famous Free icon website Icons8 I believe everyone is familiar with it. You can find a variety of icon materials from this gallery. More than 400,000 icons can be downloaded and used for free. However, to choose the free plan, you need to join the link to return to the Icons8 website and get more size formats after paying. Previously, Icons8 launched an integrated Google Docs plug-in “Free icons by Icons8”, you can quickly search and insert icon picture materials when editing files online, and it becomes more convenient to download icons without having to open the Icons8 website.

If you are more accustomed to doing word processing and picture editing offline on your computer, the next section will introduce “Pichon”It will be very useful for you,Pichon is a free application and plug-in tool launched by Icons8. It can be used offline on Windows and macOS, quickly search and access ICON icon materials, and can also integrate Lunacy, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator drawing software or the aforementioned Google Docs to add quick Access the icon function.

Pichon supports searching, accessing and saving icons in offline mode. Just drag the icon material directly from Pichon to other editors to quickly apply it. It also has options to change the icon size and main color. There are more than 13 built-in options. Thousands of patterns, thousands of free icons, 33 popular categories.

If you need to search for various picture materials when making reports, design briefs, slides or flat images, Pichon is a very simple small tool that saves the time of manually downloading from various icon websites.


Use teaching


Open the Pichon page of Icons8 and select the native application or plug-in tool to download. In addition to the applications for Windows and Mac operating systems, there are also plug-ins for Lunacy, Figma, Google Docs, Photoshop and Illustrator.



After downloading and installing the Windows version of Pichon, start it, and the icon search function will be displayed in the lower right corner.

Select the icon set from the left, and all the icons will be displayed on the right. Pichon is very convenient because you just need to drag the icon directly to the application, such as text editing software, drawing software, and you can access it without opening the web page to save the image. Show.


You can also search for related icons and patterns with keywords in the search field above.



Right-click on the icon to copy it directly, or save the icon, copy the link to icons8.com, copy the image URL or search for related icons, and add specific icons to favorites.



From the options above Pichon, you can switch between different formats and icon sizes, but those with the lock symbol need to pay for subscription to unlock it, but at least in the PNG format, there are also smaller options to choose from.


Use the “color palette” tool in the upper right corner to quickly change the main color system of the icon ICON to make the icon use more flexible.


Three reasons to try:

  1. Pichon free application and plug-in tool, can access various icon patterns offline
  2. Drag the icon to use it, you can also save the picture, adjust the size or main color
  3. Built-in more than 130,000 patterns, thousands of free icons, 33 popular categories can be used offline

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