PDF Fixer Free PDF repair tool that can reconstruct damaged files that cannot be opened by the reader

PDF Fixer Free PDF repair tool, which can reconstruct damaged files that cannot be opened by the reader

often come in contact with in daily work PDF File format, PDF is derived from a subset of PostScript page description language to synthesize and output graphics. It has font embedding technology and a structured storage system. Most PDF data are compressed. If you edit it in text Editing by the browser may cause data damage. During network transmission, the transmission is often incomplete due to instability. If some parts are missing, the PDF reader will not be able to open correctly. Of course, the PDF reader will only display error notifications. , Cannot repair damaged files.

The PDF Fixer” to be introduced in this article is a free PDF repair tool that can rebuild damaged PDF files by rebuilding damaged PDF data or rebuilding XREF tables to make it change It can be opened normally by the reader. According to the instructions, PDF Fixer can handle problems that cannot be repaired by the two free PDF command line tools, PDFTK (PDF Toolkit) and Ghostscript. PDFTK can only repair PDF information problems, and Ghostscript can only rebuild the XREF table. Once it needs to repair the really damaged ones PDF, these two tools may not come in handy.

PDF Fixer provides a general installation version, there is also a portable version (Portable), supports 32, 64-bit operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10, the operation method is very simple, drag the damaged PDF file to the PDF Fixer. Repair, the software will automatically identify errors, support batch repair, and can also be used without Adobe Acrobat installed.

PDF Fixer

Using instruction


Download this software from the PDF Fixer website, unzip it and execute it to use it.

PDF Fixer


The interface of PDF Fixer is very young, and it mainly provides two functions: repair content, repair XREF table the repaired file will be automatically stored in FixedPDFs Folder, users can choose other paths.

PDF Fixer


Drag the damaged PDF file to PDF Fixer and it will be repaired automatically.

PDF Fixer

If the repair is successful, a prompt window will pop up, and the user can find the file in the path below.

PDF Fixer


PDF Fixer will not automatically overwrite the original damaged PDF file, but save it as a new file after the repair, try this software to repair the PDF file. Files that cannot be opened smoothly in the PDF reader (maybe due to file corruption and other issues) can be opened and read normally after being repaired.

PDF Fixer

Three reasons worth trying:

  1. PDF Fixer can repair damaged PDF files and solve the problem that the reader cannot open
  2. PDFTK (PDF Toolkit) and Ghostscript can not be repaired It can be processed with PDF Fixer
  3. to provide a portable version, it is very simple to use after dragging the file

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