Natural input method V12 phonetic free version download Windows registration and installation teaching

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition Download Windows Registration Installation Teaching

I introduced “Natural Input Method V11 Free Edition ” software, maybe you are still using this useful input method, there are others like New Cool Sound Input Method which have not been developed and maintained Yahoo input method (maybe the best input method option for Mac), etc., are all alternatives to the built-in input method. Of course, the natural input method is commercial software. The professional version and the Mac version need to pay for the license number to use it. If you only use the most basic phonetic input, the free version can actually meet your needs.

The Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition ” to be introduced in this article is a free plan for the natural input method you can know and pay for it from the version comparison The differences between the versions are technical customer service, version updates, whether to support Mac, and most importantly, there is no additional keyboard layout, Chinese Pinyin, General Pinyin, Cangjie, Simple and other input methods, output functions that can be used, quick typing mode, word management and other input Fewer functions and more positive, but there is no problem in basic use.

If you want to get the free version of Natural Input Method Zhuyin, you need to register at the IQ Technology subscription platform. After registration, you can find the free version installation download point. After installation, use the registered Email to complete the activation. Currently Zhuyin The free version only supports Windows 10 operating systems above 1607. Windows 11 can be installed and tested. If you encounter problems, you can write to the development company to report.

Natural input method

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From the natural input method V12 file download page you can see the professional Version, Mac version and Zhuyin free version. If you want to know the function difference, you can click the version comparison, or refer to Official Blog Teaching for more explanation.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition


First open IQ Technology Subscription platform click “ Create a new account ” to register, if If you have used the natural input method before, you may have an account, and you can log in directly with your original email.

Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

When registering, you need to enter Email as your account and set a set of passwords. If you click Login directly, you can also see the option to log in via Google account. If there is a subscription platform account, it will be linked.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Version


After logging in to the subscription platform, click on the left “ File Download “, and find the Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Version and click below “ free version download click ” button to get the installer.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition


Run the installation program and the installation wizard will be displayed, and you can install Natural Input Method on your computer.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

There are not many options in the installation process, you can choose the folder path of the files to be installed.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition


Before the installation is over, the login and registration screen will pop up, and log in with the email you just registered on the subscription platform.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

and the account link is successful, the product will be activated automatically, and then the installation will be completed.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition


From the keyboard function in the lower right corner of the system tray or use shortcut keys to switch input methods, you will see Natural Input Method V12.

 Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

After switching to natural input method, there will be an input method toolbar in the lower right corner.

Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

If you think the window is too small, you can also adjust it in “ Preferences ” to enlarge it slightly, but it will not affect Enter or select characters, you can also select Chinese-English switching shortcuts, preset switching modes, blank key functions, input error handling settings, and quick typing mode in the settings.

Natural Input Method V12 Phonetic Free Edition

Try to use the Natural Input Method Phonetic Free Edition for input, and you can select words when inputting. I remember that the input speed of Natural Input Method before is very fast , I won’t feel stuck when I choose the characters, it’s quite smooth and easy to use. For me, if there is no extra function for paying, maybe the input method will become lighter. You can try it out (if you are too If you use Zhuyin input method).

 Natural Input Method V12 Zhuyin Free Edition

Three reasons to try:

  1. Natural Input Method V12 provides professional version, Mac version and Zhuyin free version
  2. Zhuyin free version only has Zhuyin Input, the functional specifications are relatively positive
  3. After registering and subscribing to the platform, the input method can be enabled after logging in, and there is no expiration date

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