Meet the system requirements and upgrade to Windows 11 free of charge, use "Computer Health Check" to check

 Meet the system requirements to upgrade Windows 11 free of charge, use "Computer Health Check" to check

Senior executive of Microsoft Corporation in 2015 It was said that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. After six years, there will finally be news of the next generation of Windows. This year (2021) Microsoft’s CEO announced that a new version of the operation will be launched. System, in June, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will become the new Windows version. If the user’s computer is equipped with the minimum system requirements, it can be upgraded for free after the official launch. Of course, you can continue to use the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 will maintain support until at least 2025.

Windows 11 The biggest difference is the new design which looks really different. Another major feature is that Windows 11 will natively support Android applications through the Amazon App Store (Amazon Appstore) Complete the download in the Microsoft Store. In addition, some defects in Windows 10 have also been patched. The video conferencing collaboration software Microsoft Teams will be integrated into Windows 11 to improve performance and security.

If you want to know whether your computer can be upgraded to Windows 11 in the future, Microsoft provides the “Computer Health Check” application for users to download for free! As long as it is downloaded and installed on the Windows 11 website, it will tell the user whether the computer can upgrade and run Windows 11. There are also minimum system requirements.

However, there is still a period of time before the official launch of Windows 11. Computers that have been used for less than four years meet the specifications for a free upgrade to Windows 11.

Upgrade to the new version of Windows 11 operating system | Microsoft

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Start the upgrade to The new version of Windows 11 help website, scroll down to the “ Check Compatibility ” description, you will see that Microsoft offers users to download the “ Computer Health Check ” application for free to check. Click “Download Application” to get the installer.  Free upgrade to Windows 11 that meets the system requirements. Use "Computer Health Check" to check.


Download the Windows computer health check program to install first, and run it after installation.

 Meet the system requirements to upgrade Windows 11 for free, use "Computer Health Check" to check


Open “ Computer Health Check” application will display the current System specifications, and several main items, such as whether to turn on the backup and synchronization functions, remember the preferences, the last Windows Update time, storage space and startup time.

Click on the top Windows 11 “ Check now ” to know if the computer meets the system requirements for free upgrades.

 Meet the system requirements to upgrade Windows 11 for free, and use "Computer Health Check" to check

If the test result shows that your computer cannot run Windows 11, it doesn’t matter, Microsoft promises the original Windows 10 Continue to provide support until October 2025, that is, users will still be able to receive updates before that, and the system will continue to be used in the most stable and safe state.

But there is still some time before Windows 11 is officially launched, so I continue to wait for more information from Microsoft!

 Meet the system requirements to upgrade Windows 11 for free, and use the "Computer Health Check" to check

Three reasons to try:

  1. Windows 11 will become the latest Windows operating system
  2. Original Windows 10 users can upgrade to Windows 11 for free
  3. Use the health check tool provided by Microsoft to check whether the computer can execute Windows 11

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