Mate Translate perfectly integrates the browser translator, supports 103 languages ​​and can translate Netflix subtitles

Mate Translate

Nowadays, there are many convenient and time-saving tools that can solve various incurable diseases in life, such as reading different If you don’t understand the language content, you can use the online translation service to convert to your familiar language. The most familiar Google Translate can be obtained by copying and pasting the text or URL, and selecting the language to be translated. Translation results. If you feel that machine translation is not very easy to understand, I have previously recommended ” DeepL translator adds Chinese and Japanese, which is closer to the translation quality of real people’s fluent semantics ” The conversion effect is better, and the combination of translation words is more similar. Real person translation is also easy to read.

The Mate Translate” to be introduced in this article is a cross-platform translation tool that can be downloaded for free Google Chrome,Firefox, Opera and Edge browser extension other advanced functions such as Mac + Safari plug-in or iPhone, iPad application are required Pay to buy. Mate Translate has a high degree of convenience. After you select a word or a paragraph of text, a translation button will appear, and you can quickly translate it into a language that suits you by clicking it.

Mate Translate supports 103 languages ​​including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), Arabic, etc., in English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian , Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean parts are fully translated.

It is similar to the Simple Translate I introduced before. In addition to selecting a translation, it can also translate the entire webpage at once. Click the button in the upper right corner of the browser and it will appear like Google Translate or other translation functions. If you paste the content to the language you want to translate, you will get the result. The built-in pronunciation function can read the translated text after clicking the pronunciation standard.

What’s more special is that Mate Translate supports Netflix subtitle translation function . It may be helpful for friends who want to learn English from watching movies. Users can watch movies. Simply select subtitles, you can use super fast translation, no need to pause the movie. The extended function also supports PDF text translation . If you are used to using the browser the built-in PDF reader will be very helpful, so you don’t need to copy the paragraphs and translate them with other tools.

Mate – the translator app you’ll love.

Download Mate /download/

Using instruction


Open the official website of Mate Translate, click on the top “Apps” to find the type you want to download. I mentioned that the browser plug-in Chrome , Firefox, Opera and Edge are free to download. Mac or iOS applications must be purchased for a fee. After clicking, you will be directed to the correct extension page.

Mate Translate

Find the “Mate Translate translator, dictionary” function from the Chrome online app store, click on the upper right corner “ add to Chrome” to download, Install, if you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, you can also download it directly.

Mate Translate


After installation, select the text paragraph to be translated, and a Mate Translate icon will appear and click to perform the translation.

 Mate Translate

The translation result of the plug-in will be directly fixed on the web page without jumping out of the original web page. The default situation is medium size. If you need to use traditional Chinese, we must first set it from the plug-in Make adjustments.

Mate Translate


Open the setting option to find the “On-page” category, and adjust the translation result that pops up after selecting the text to a larger size.

Mate Translate

Scroll down and change the target language (on the right) of the selected text translation to “Tranditional Chinese” to set it to traditional Chinese, and keep it on the left It can automatically recognize the source language. Mate Translate can customize various shortcut keys according to user habits, so that you can operate faster and more smoothly. If you are not used to using shortcut keys, you can maintain the default value.

 Mate Translate


After setting, return to the web page again, select the text paragraph and click the translate button, Mate Translate will pop up the translation result of converting the original language to traditional Chinese. The window can also pronounce, pin the picture, select the original language and translation language.

Mate Translate


Like the general translation plug-in, Mate Translate also has the function of pasting and translating the text. Click the button in the upper right corner and a drop-down screen will appear on the left. Paste the original text to be translated, select the language from the top, and press the translate button below to convert it.

This is very helpful for some websites that cannot select the content or cannot be translated into full pages. Of course, you can also use it as a translator, paste the original text you want to translate, select the target language, and Mate Translate The translation result will be given, and you can also use the pronunciation function to read words when you encounter a word or vocabulary that you are not sure how to pronounce.

Mate Translate

Mate Translate provides 103 languages, common and common languages ​​are in the support range, click the language button to find the language to be translated from the drop-down menu, and general translation tools The same source language can be automatically detected. Of course, there may be errors in judgment. In this case, you must manually select the language to obtain more correct results.

Mate Translate

Three reasons worth trying:

  1. Cross-platform translation tool, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser plug-in free download
  2. Select text or paragraphs for quick translation, also Full text translation of web pages
  3. Supports Netflix subtitle translation function, and can also integrate the browser PDF viewer to translate files

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