Live Stream Downloader is a streaming audio and video downloader that detects and automatically merges M3U8 URL downloads

Live Stream Downloader A streaming video downloader that detects M3U8 URL downloads and automatically merges

can be seen on many video sites HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). HLS is a streaming media network transmission protocol. Unlike the most common MP4 video in the past, you can download it when you find the link. The M3U format divides the video into multiple sub The file name is .ts small file, and .m3u8 is a UTF-8 encoded playlist. The video or music storage path is provided in plain text. If you want to download a streaming video, it will More complicated.

Simply put, to download streaming audio and video content, you must first obtain a playlist (.m3u or .m3u8), and then split the file path to .ts Download the files one by one, and finally merge these .ts files together.

The “Live Stream Downloader” to be introduced in this article is a free browser extension, the main purpose is to detect and download the M3U8 HLS streaming video content of the webpage when the plug-in finds the M3U8 string When streaming media format, a prompt will appear in the toolbar. After clicking on it, these segmented video files can be downloaded and automatically merged into a single video, just like a common web video download tool.

The main functions listed on the Live Stream Downloader website:

  • Download HLS streaming video content and save it to the hard disk
  • Provide different streaming video quality options
  • Use multi-threading (multi-threading) Download video segments and merge them

Live Stream Downloader also provides users with the option to choose different video quality use InDexedDB to store video segments, and automatically merge all segments after downloading. For better downloading effect, it will be more The thread downloads the HLS stream to improve the speed and stability. If there is a network failure, it can be uploaded after the connection is restored.

Live Stream Downloader

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Live Stream Downloader provides Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge applicable extended function version can be downloaded, open the application store page in the browser to install.

Live Stream Downloader


After the Google Chrome browser is installed, you can click on the upper right corner “Extensions” to find the Live Stream Downloader option, and click the back “Fix ” button to add it to the toolbar in the upper right corner will be more convenient to use. If the M3U8 streaming video is detected on the webpage, the icon will turn blue.

Live Stream Downloader


Click on Live Stream Downloader to jump out of the downloader and ask the user the resolution and quality of the download. Enter the quality of the download and click “ Confirm ” to continue.

Live Stream Downloader

Because there may be several streaming videos (advertising or other content) on the web page, there will also be a prompt in the Live Stream Downloader, which can be judged from the downloaded URL Is it the video you need?

Live Stream Downloader


Then check the list of streaming videos from the Download List. do you remember? As mentioned earlier, .m3u or .m3u8 is actually a playlist, which contains the split .ts file path, and each video will be displayed in the download list The number of segmented files (segments) and download links can be judged from the URL if it is the video file you want.

If you are not sure, just click “Download Links” in the lower right corner to download all detected videos.

Live Stream Downloader


When downloading videos, Live Stream Downloader will display the current completion progress. After

Live Stream Downloader

is completed, the merged .ts video file will be automatically downloaded and saved.

Live Stream Downloader

Three reasons worth trying:

  1. Detects webpage M3U, M3U8 streaming video content, and prompts when downloading
  2. Provide users to choose different streaming Video quality option
  3. Use multi-threading to download video paragraphs and automatically merge them into .ts format

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