Lens's simplest Mac image conversion program, supports JPG, PNG and GIF with adjustable quality

Lens The simplest Mac image conversion program, supports JPG, PNG and GIF adjustable quality

I always like the simple Tool, no complicated configuration options, a single program can quickly solve the problem, if it is both free and open source, it would be even better! However, as I get older, I realize that every job requires a cost. If I am able to do so, I will try to pay for sponsorship. Of course, I often use it or recommend it to my friends. For example, I like the Redacted online mosaic tool very much. It can add a blur effect in a specific area of ​​the picture, and the picture will not be uploaded to any server (completed directly in the browser), and no additional installation is required. software.

The “Lens” to be introduced in this article is a free and easy macOS image conversion application and its development background is derived from a tweet, because the Mac is not easy The developer decided to write one by himself.

Lens is light and fast, there are no extra functions or other things, all the user needs to do is to drag all the pictures into it to convert (Lens still has a simple interface, but it is really very simple), Choose the format, image quality and save path to convert, and you can convert with one click. It supports three common image formats: JPG, PNG and GIF.


How to use


to open the official Lens website, click “Download for macOS” to download and execute Drag Lens to the “Applications” folder to start using it.



Open the Lens application screen as shown below, it looks very simple, just drag the picture up to convert the file, or click the bottom “Browse “Select the picture to be converted, Lens supports batch conversion you can select multiple pictures at once and throw them into the file for conversion or change the picture quality.


After dragging the picture in, the conversion format, image quality and storage path options will be displayed, and the number of processed pictures will be displayed below.



Lens supports JPG, PNG and GIF, and will be converted to JPG format by default.


The right value can adjust the picture quality. When the number is smaller, the picture quality will be worse, and the capacity will be less occupied.



Click “ Folder” to set the saving path of the converted photos, and click “Process” to start the format conversion , Lens processing speed is very fast, and there are not too many screens, if you want to convert the image format on the Mac, you don’t need to use the built-in “Preview Program” function! Almost just one key can complete the shift work, very easy to use.


is worth trying three reasons:

  1. free macOS image conversion program, drag the image to convert the format
  2. supports JPG, PNG and GIF three formats can also be adjusted Image quality
  3. can be batch converted, select the path to save the converted image

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