Hiddengram Anonymous peek at IG, limited-time dynamic hidden viewing history (Chrome extension)

Hiddengram Anonymous peek at IG, limited-time dynamic hidden viewing history (Chrome extension)
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Introduced a few days ago “8 online services that anonymously peek at IG’s limited-time dynamics without leaving a viewing history”Teaching, the article mentioned that these services are only applicable to public accounts. If users want to not leave viewing records when browsing friends’ IG restrictions, and the friends are private accounts (you need to request permission to track to see), you can’t What should I do if I peek at limited-time updates through these services? Consider using the browser extensions described next.

Recommended in this article “Hiddengram“Is a free Chrome browser plug-in, its main purpose is to allow you to view your friends’ IG updates for a limited time without leaving a viewing historyTo put it simply, when we click on the limited-time feed on the Instagram web page, the user’s avatar frame will be marked in gray (if there is a new limited-time feed that has not been viewed, it will be colored), and the other party will not know after installing Hiddengram You have browsed the limited-time dynamics, and you can still maintain the unbrowsed colors.

I introduced another extension before “Chrome IG Story”, but the plug-in has been removed. Hiddengram is a good alternative to Chrome IG Story, which is used to hide the record of your own browsing IG for a limited time.

Hiddengram does not have too many complicated options. Users can click the button to quickly turn on and off the hidden viewing history function, and the total number of hidden records blocked will also be displayed. Please note that the plug-in will keep the limit as unread. Status, after refreshing, the same limited-time dynamics will still appear repeatedly.

Chrome Web Store

Use teaching


Open Hiddengram’s Chrome online app store page and click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome“Download and install it to use.



After installation, Hiddengram will be displayed on the toolbar in the upper right corner of the browser. If there is a forbidden symbol, the eye means that the hidden function is in execution, and it is turned on when it is turned on. Instagram web version, Browsing other people’s limited-time updates will not leave a viewing history.


Tap Hiddengram to turn into a green eye, which means that the hidden function is suspended. If you tap the limited-time dynamics at this time, the viewing history will be left, and your friends will also know that you have viewing restrictions.



During operation, the limited-time dynamic number of hidden viewing records will be displayed, so that the user can judge whether it has been successfully blocked. If you are not sure whether it has been successfully blocked, it is recommended to open a small account to test it yourself!


Three reasons to try:

  1. Hiddengram free browser plug-in, can hide IG limited-time dynamic viewing history
  2. After opening, open the limited-time dynamic from the desktop version and refresh it will return to the unbrowsed state
  3. The number of limited-time activities with hidden viewing history will be displayed in the toolbar button

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