Googlescope provides visual setting options for advanced Google search, a must for searchers (Chrome extension)

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If you talk about Internet services that you use every day, I think many people will have them in their lists Google search In fact, search is really closely related to our lives, whether it is to find answers to problems, find restaurant or hotel reviews, compare prices of purchases, or make reports and write papers to find information. I often say that how to put the correct keywords in search is very important, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much teaching to tell us what to do. Using the right keywords can narrow the search scope and make the search results closer to what we are looking for. Goals can also find answers faster.

You may know that Google Search is not only about providing the closest search results,You can also add specific conditions with “Advanced Search”Search operatorTo narrow the search results to a specific range through filters, If you rarely use search operators in search, you can actually open the advanced search function from the “Settings” in the lower right corner of Google search, and you can use a simpler and more intuitive way to add specific conditions to narrow your search.


This article will introduce “Googlescope“Is a free Chrome Extensions,Mainly to make Google’s advanced search function more intuitive and easy to use. Filter items can be added through Googlescope, and operators can be added directly to the search.(That is, various search skills), even if you can’t remember these commands or usages, you can become a search expert.

The developers of Googlescope carefully studied all the search operators that can be used for Google’s advanced search, and summarized nine main items. These actions are designed as buttons. In order to avoid feeling boring during the operation, the developers added a visual node structure to connect them. The search criteria set by the user.

Through Googlescope Search results can be filtered according to country, language, time, match specific string, exclude specific string, domain name, last update date and file type, or search only for specific locations of the website such as title, content, URL or link, Click the button to search on Google with pre-set conditions.

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Use Google Chrome or new Microsoft Edge The browser opens the Googlescope extension page, click install to download the plug-in to the browser to use.



Click on Googlescope and you will see the operation interface. The main search conditions are on the bottom button. After clicking on the settings, the top search node map will be added, which looks very technological.



For example, click “Search by language“You can filter specific language content in the search results.


Click to find the language you want to add from the list, and click the tick to add the search filter.



Another commonly used search operator is “Contains specific words“The content is the same as adding keywords after entering them.


You can also specify that the title, content, link, or URL must have a certain term in the search results.


After setting these conditions, click the blue “Go“Throw the search keywords and all the operators into the Google search, so that you can get smaller and more precise search results.



For example, I set Pseric in the content part, and the search keyword is “free resources”. I only search for webpages in Traditional Chinese and Taiwan. You can see from the search field that Googlescope has brought related operators into it, and also through the “Tools” “Add the screening results for a specific language and country.


It is very interesting that GoogleScope will display various search conditions as a node graph. You can click on specific conditions to adjust the settings, or click the trash can icon to delete it.


Another feature that will be used more often is “Find a specific file type“Search results. After clicking, you can find the pre-added extension directly from the list, which is very useful. Of course, you can also type in the search box filetype: By attaching the extension, you can specify that only certain file types are displayed in the search results.


Three reasons to try:

  1. Make Google search more useful, add filters to narrow search results
  2. Integrate nine main operators, you can search more accurately without memorizing instructions
  3. Designed as a visual node structure diagram, click the button to add the search conditions

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