Full Page Screen Capture Quickly capture complete web page screens and convert them to images or PDF format (Chrome extension)

Full Page Screen Capture Quickly capture complete web pages and convert them to images or PDF format (Chrome extension

For those who can save web pages screenshot toolI believe everyone is familiar with it, like WinSnap、FastStone Capture Or Jing, which is easy to use on Mac systems (now TechSmith Screencast) Can achieve similar effects, or through browser extensions and online tools, usually saved in static image format.If you want to completely preserve the appearance of a webpage at a certain point in time, it may be a better choice to create a more credible webpage backup through a third party. I have introduced Wayback Machine The web time machine allows users to save the page completely online, so that they can go back to a specific time at any time:

Generally speaking, web page capture will be based on the area that is seen after opening, or only a small part of a specific area. This can also be done on the computer with a shortcut key through the built-in capture tool. If you want to capture a complete The content of the webpage can only be achieved through tools. I remember that I recommended a very useful free browser extension four years ago, which can quickly grab the entire page with one click.

Recommended in this article “Full Page Screen Capture“Is a free Chrome Expansion features, more than 3 million downloads can be regarded as a very popular plug-in, new features and paid upgrade plans (Premium) were launched at the end of last year, butThe most important one-click complete web page retrieval function is not affected, You can still use most of the functions even if it’s free, but you need to pay to use the new screenshots to crop, label, add to the browser frame and address bar.

Full Page Screen Capture

With Full Page Screen Capture, any webpage can be completely captured from beginning to end as a picture or PDF format, Use the built-in capture management function to view screenshots at different time points, because the web page captures are automatically scrolled, and the scrolling axis that will not be captured to the side is one of the features of the plug-in. In addition, Full Page Screen Capture is also an open source project (GitHub), completely free and without any malicious software.

Full Page Screen Capture
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Now Full Page Screen Capture has its own official website. You can see the introduction of the features from the homepage of the website. For example, this plug-in function is very fast and simple. You can grab a complete web page screenshot with just one click of a button, click Add to Chrome The online application store page will open.

Full Page Screen Capture

Click the “Add to Chrome“You can install the extension to the browser. If you are using the new Microsoft Edge, you can also install it. You can refer to the previously written “How to install Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge browser」。

Full Page Screen Capture


The picture format to be saved can be selected in the plug-in setting option, the default is .png, Can be changed to .jpg, There are other things like download path, PDF size, etc., which can be used without any special requirements.

Full Page Screen Capture


The method and function of Full Page Screen Capture are really simple. Find the page where you want to capture a complete web page, click the screenshot button in the upper right corner, and a prompt message that the screen is being captured will appear.

Full Page Screen Capture


After the capture is completed, the Full Page Screen Capture preview mode will be turned on, because the web page is very long and the preview image will look very small, but you can preview the original size by clicking to enlarge.

Full Page Screen Capture

Tap in the upper right corner Download image You can download and save the captured images in PNG or JPG format, and there is a Download PDF Button to save this picture as PDF format.

Full Page Screen Capture


As mentioned earlier, Full Page Screen Capture has a built-in file management tool that can quickly view the screenshots at different points in time. It will also mark the file name according to the website URL, which is useful for going back to get the earlier screenshots.

Full Page Screen Capture

The picture below is the free resource network social site I captured with Full Page Screen Capture. You can see that after saving as PDF, each page is automatically divided into different pages because the length is too long, but the capture effect is very good, and the text The part is also very clear and can be enlarged without blur or distortion, which is very useful for saving the complete page content.

Full Page Screen Capture

Three reasons to try:

  1. One-click to quickly grab the complete web page and save it as a picture or PDF format
  2. The page can be automatically scrolled without capturing the side axis of the browser
  3. Open source code, completely free, no malware

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