Free Adobe Acrobat extension download, convert and sign PDF in Chrome browser

Download free Adobe Acrobat extensions, convert and sign PDF in Chrome browser

Often encountered in work or daily life PDF (Portable document format), PDF has the feature that it can be opened and displayed normally on cross-platform without causing the format to escape. It can also fill in forms, add signatures, or request signatures from other people through the Adobe Acrobat editor. Acrobat web online service provides common functions such as PDF conversion, editing, compression, and signing”It provides a series of common and commonly used PDF functions, allowing users to perform related editing work directly from the browser without installing software. More importantly, this service is operated by the PDF developer Adobe, which can provide maximum compatibility.

In addition, Google is also .new domain nameTwo hundred new URLs have been added. Among them are some short links related to Adobe’s online editing service. Not only have they become shorter and easier to remember, but they can also be used without installing software. You can refer to “ opens Adobe Acrobat online conversion to PDF format, you can add signatures or fill in documents”introduce.

If you often use Adobe’s PDF-related functions, in fact, the official website also provides a free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor browser plug-in for download, as long as you install it in the Chrome App Store “Adobe Acrobat” Extensions to quickly openConvert files (convert PDF to other formats), compress, convert to PDF, edit, sign and sign, fill in forms and other PDF functions, or directly use Acrobat as the viewer in Chrome.

According to the Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in instructions, after installation, Acrobat can be used in the browser to view, convert, compress, and sign PDF functions, including filling and signing documents, using annotations, highlighting, and drawing to mark PDFs. This plug-in will be available to users After selecting a specific option, upload the file to the Adobe Acrobat online version for processing, no need to open the web page manually.

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Open Adobe Acrobat on the Chrome web app store page, click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome“Download and install the plug-in to the browser to use it.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension


Click the Adobe Acrobat toolbar in the upper right corner to display a list of related functions, including conversion, editing, and signing. In terms of conversion, there are PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PPT. There are also many people PDF compression and file conversion to PDF will be used.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension


For example, I choose the one that most people will use “PDF to Word“Function, after selecting, a conversion box will open, directly drag the PDF file in to convert to Word format, or click”Select file“Button to select the file to be converted.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension

As mentioned earlier, the Adobe Acrobat browser plug-in will use online services, and the files will be processed after uploading.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension


After the conversion is completed, the file will be displayed in the Adobe Acrobat online version, click on the right “download“Button to save the file.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension


Next, let’s test the PDF signature function. This is also an item that many people will use. Click on the menu in the upper right corner of Adobe Acrobat “sign“Under”Fill out and sign“Option, then open the online version and select the PDF file to be signed.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension

Click “Self-signAfter adding a signature, in addition to creating a signature by inputting, you can also use the “draw“Directly use the mouse to sign in the browser, and then you can add the signature and drag it to the appropriate field of the PDF file (but signing with the mouse is really crooked, you may still need to practice a little, if you can’t, click the lower right corner to clear and start again) .

If you really can’t help it, you can also use the “image“Function, select a picture file as a signature.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension

After adding the signature, drag and adjust the size to the appropriate position, you can add the signature to the PDF file, and you don’t need to print it out and sign and scan it, which saves more time.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension


Another feature of the extended function is that Adobe Acrobat can be used as the browser’s default PDF viewer to replace the spring version of the browser’s built-in PDF viewer. As long as the PDF link is opened, a prompt message will pop up, click “Set as default“You can set it as the default program to easily view, add comments, fill in, sign, and perform more operations.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension

The picture below is the screen of using the Adobe Acrobat extension function as Chrome’s default PDF viewer. You can see that in addition to viewing and reading related functions, the tools on the right also integrate format conversion, compression, merging, reordering pages, rotating, deleting, and splitting Options such as pages, electronic signatures, and password protection.

If you want to turn off this option, just click on the upper right corner of Adobe Acrobat and the “Use Acrobat in Chrome“The option is canceled to restore the default settings of the viewer.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF editor extension

Three reasons to try:

  1. Adobe Acrobat provides free Chrome plug-in, adding various PDF editing options
  2. You can use functions such as converting, compressing, converting to PDF, editing, signing, and filling in forms
  3. Set Chrome’s default PDF viewer to Adobe Acrobat

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