FireShot free web page screenshot tool recommended, can capture the complete web page picture or visible range

FireShot is a recommended free web screenshot tool that can capture the complete web page or the visible range.

There are many ways to capture the computer screen. In addition to using the built-in capture function of the system, there are also many capture software or browser extensions available. Of course, there is also an online screen recording tool just open the browser. For desktop video or camera video recording, it can also be equipped with a microphone or other audio input, which becomes very useful for making teaching or material. By the way, the Dropbox Capture introduced last month is a screen capture software that I find very convenient. After the screenshot is recorded, the sharing link can be generated immediately.

This article will introduce “FireShot“, a well-known and established free webpage screenshot tool which supports various common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Through FireShot, you can capture the entire page of the webpage, or capture the visible range, capture the selected area, the capture speed is fast, the effect is very good and the capture can be saved as JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP image format , PDF, email, copy to clipboard or print.

It’s not difficult to capture webpages. FireShot’s built-in “capture entire page” function is very easy to use. When capturing, it will automatically scroll the webpage so that the webpage can be completely captured and converted into pictures. this may not be found in some screenshot tools, some may not be so ideal in function, and there will be problems such as broken or unconnected screens when capturing.

The paid version of FireShot can be upgraded to the Pro version, adding functions such as capturing web components, windows, frames, or creating multi-page PDFs, and even editing functions are provided. The price is $39.95, but I think the free version In terms of functionality, it can already meet the needs of most users.


FireShot extension download

Use Teaching


The following uses Microsoft Edge to install the Chrome version of FireShot for teaching examples.

Open the Chrome online application store, click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right corner to download and install the extension. After completion, a FireShot screenshot menu will be added to the toolbar in the upper right corner of the browser. From the right-click menu, find the FireShot function to capture webpage screenshots.



FireShot free version has three functions: capture the entire page, capture the visible part, capture the selected area if you want to capture the entire For the page (from beginning to end), use the first option to grab the entire page. If you want to see the range of the page (part of the page screen), select the second to grab the visible part.



Open the FireShot setting option, you can adjust the image format (PNG, JPG) to be saved, the default output folder or automatically close the page after saving, there are Chinese options It’s not too difficult to understand.



For example, I want to capture the web page view from the browser, select “ Capture the visible part ” to capture The visible range on the page, this should be a function most users will use.


After capturing, the FireShot save screenshot will be opened. Users can preview whether they meet their expectations.



Through the right “Save Screenshot ” option to save the screenshot as a picture, PDF format, or use Email to send, copy to the clipboard, Print output and so on. I think FireShot is a very intimate feature, allowing users to preview the captured images before saving the output.


The picture below is the screen of free resource Internet community articles I captured using FireShot. Chinese content can also be captured correctly without garbled characters or typographical errors. If Need to capture web pages (and hope to get good screenshot effects), FireShot is a suitable and recommended web page screenshot plug-in.

 FireShot is a free web screenshot tool recommended, which can capture the complete web page or the visible range.

Three reasons to try:

  1. An old web screenshot tool that supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. The browser
  2. can capture the complete page of the webpage, or capture the visible range, the selected area
  3. save the screenshot as a picture, PDF format, or send it by Email, print, copy to the clipboard

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