Dropbox Capture is a free screen capture tool that can convert screenshots, videos, and GIFs to generate shared URLs simultaneously

Dropbox Capture Free screen capture tool, which can convert screenshots and videos to GIF and generate shared URLs simultaneously.

During the epidemic, many companies require employees to be at home Work or diversion to work to reduce gatherings. Even if you can’t meet, you still need to have a meeting through online meeting. Since last year, there have been many meeting services to choose from, such as Google Meet Microsoft Meet Now Microsoft Teams and Zoom, etc., although remote meetings feel very convenient, but there are also many restrictions. If you need to demonstrate directly when discussing and communicating, you must do it in real time by sharing the screen. It is also not possible to delay processing like Email or communication software.

The “Dropbox Capture” to be introduced in this article is Dropbox company’s new free screen capture software. It is not only a capture function, is a visual communication , Communication tool, which allows users to communicate and save and share ideas through screen capture, marking, and video and audio messages.

In addition to converting screen captures into pictures, you can also record on the screen and add camera shots, or make GIF pictures, audio recordings, or only record camera screens. It also has a marking tool that can add borders, text or arrows to the screen , After the capture, it will be processed and synchronized to the user’s Dropbox network hard drive, so that the sharing link can be quickly obtained.

Dropbox itself has the function of uploading screenshots but it is quite different from Dropbox Capture. The former automatically synchronizes and uploads the built-in screenshots to the cloud drive The latter is a new, full-featured capture tool.

If you often need to use screenshots or screen recordings for communication and discussion when working remotely, but don’t want to be restricted by the time of the online meeting software, visualize your ideas and record them as pictures and videos, plus audio or camera recording Aside to explain, perhaps it is a more efficient and clear method.

Dropbox Capture

How to use

Dropbox Capture is a free function, as long as you have a Dropbox account, you can download and use it, but it is still in the initial development stage. It will be updated every week based on collected user feedback (only Windows and macOS versions are available).


After opening Dropbox Capture, you need to connect to the Dropbox account first, click “Contiune with Dropbox” to open the browser login page, and you will see the main screen after completing the authorization link.

Dropbox Capture


The main screen of Dropbox Capture looks like the picture below, with three main functions:

  • Screenshot: Screenshot[19659019]Screen recording: Screen recording
  • Screen recording + camera: Screen recording with camera lens

Click the upper right corner to quickly open Dropbox Capture to save the screenshot folder, when the user captures it, The picture and video will be saved directly in the “Capture” directory of Dropbox. Currently, this option cannot be changed.

Dropbox Capture

Click “Show more” to see more capture functions, including:

  • GIF: Create a screen recording and save it as a GIF animation image format[19659019]Audio recording: Record microphone sound or computer audio
  • Camera: Record only the camera lens

There are six major functions, which can already meet the needs of most users.

Dropbox Capture


From the preferences, you can select the camera, microphone device, recording video quality, and when the screenshot is created, you need to automatically copy pictures or URLs (In fact, this function is very convenient and easy to use).

Dropbox Capture

If you are using the Mac version of Dropbox Capture, the following screen will pop up when you first capture or record a video, allowing the application to have the permission to record the screen content to run normally.

Dropbox Capture

Click “Allow” to open the security and privacy settings page, check “Dropbox Capture” on the right and restart Start the application to complete the setting.

Dropbox Capture


After clicking the screen capture function, there will be a simple operation instruction in the middle of the screen. Click the left mouse button to capture the current You can drag out the screen area to be recorded by dragging. If you press the blank button, it will record a single window . You can test it for the first time to get a quicker understanding of how Dropbox Capture works.

Dropbox Capture

If you want to record the screen operation process into a movie or GIF animation, after dragging out the range to be recorded, a recording option will appear on the left, The longest movie format You can record for five minutes, and the GIF format does not exceed 30 seconds.

Dropbox Capture

When recording, you can pause or draw a line mark at any time, and you can also stop, delete files or re-record.

Dropbox Capture


After the capture is complete, a notification will pop up in the lower right corner, and the captured pictures and videos will be automatically stored in the user’s Dropbox. Click the lower right corner “ Markup” opens the marking tool to edit the screenshot.

Dropbox Capture

The function of the Dropbox Capture marking tool is very simple, such as drawing squares, circular borders, adding arrows, lines or text, etc., click on the upper right corner “ Save” to save the edited picture.

Dropbox Capture


A major feature of this function is that the captured pictures and videos will be automatically saved to the user’s Dropbox cloud drive, so it can be under the function menu When you see the screenshot, click “Copy link” to get the sharing URL, allowing others to view the screen content you recorded or captured without logging in.

Dropbox Capture

Three reasons to try:

  1. Dropbox free screen capture software, through screenshots to communicate, save and share ideas
  2. In addition to screenshots, you can also record and record. , Make it as a GIF or record a camera lens
  3. After capturing, it will automatically synchronize to the Dropbox cloud drive to generate a sharing link

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