Download DeepL translation software for free, on Windows and macOS

Download DeepL translation software for free, and quickly convert Chinese on Windows and macOS

I personally like it DeepL Translator free Online translation Tool, the feature is to improve the quality of the translation through machine learning, so that the translation result is closer to the words and sentences used by real people. The DeepL translator last month Added support for Chinese and Japanese, Although currently only Simplified Chinese can be displayed, it also means that users in Taiwan can use DeepL to perform various foreign-language translation tasks, which will help us understand some of the original content faster (this time we will know that a good translation is very important, otherwise It may be more incomprehensible if you turn it out).

Like Google and Bing online translation tools, DeepL Translator can be used through a browser. Open the website, copy and paste the original content, select the language to be converted, and the translation result will appear. If you feel that it is not real-time to translate through the web, you can try to download the free translation software provided by DeepL, which can quickly translate the paragraphs copied by the user on the computer.

DeepL translation software It supports both Windows and macOS operating systems, and it will be resident in the toolbar after execution.When the user presses the shortcut key (double copy), the selected text paragraph will be sent to DeePL for translation, and the result will be displayed directly on the computer, In this way, there is no need to open the DeepL Translator website, and the translation is more immediate and fast.

DeepL translator download

However, the free version of DeepL translation software has some limitations and must be upgraded for a fee. DeepL Pro In order to open more functions, such as customizing the translation shortcuts, hiding the pop-up window, etc., the basic functions provided by the free version are actually enough. If you want to translate a long content or need to translate a whole document, You can consider a paid upgrade (the paid plan provides a 30-day free trial).

DeepL for Windows / macOS client

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Open DeepL Translator and you can find the client download link from the upper right corner, and it will automatically switch to the operating system you are using. For example, if you use Windows, a button to download the Windows client will appear.

DeepL translator download

Click to download DeepL for Windows or DeepL for macOS immediately, and the thank you screen will pop up. If your browser does not download the file normally, go back to the previous screen and directly save a new file on the button.

DeepL translator download


If you downloaded the macOS version, the way to enable the DeepL translation function is to select the text and press Command + C Twice (that is, the shortcut key for Mac copy).

DeepL translator download

Windows is familiar to everyone Ctrl + C twice.

DeepL translator download


For example, when we are browsing foreign websites, we may see a piece of text that doesn’t know its meaning, or we don’t have much time to view the original text.Just select the content and press the hot key of the DeepL translation software (copy twice), the content will be directly brought into the DeepL client for translation, and the result will be displayed in the toolbar.

DeepL translator download

Of course, the DeepL client is the same as the engine core of the DeepL Translator translation tool, so the translation effect will be the same as the online version. As mentioned earlier, DeepL uses machine learning to strengthen the semantics of the translation, which looks smoother and smoother. Close to the feeling of real translation.

The DeepL translation software emphasizes the confidentiality of data. The content is encrypted when it is transmitted to the translation engine, and the text will be deleted immediately after machine translation to ensure that these data will not leak out.

DeepL translator download


Let’s review again, the translation languages ​​currently supported by DeepL include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, The input language will be automatically recognized by default. If you need a different translation result language, you can directly select it from the top.

DeepL translator download

Three reasons to try:

  1. DeepL provides Windows and macOS translation software for fast online translation
  2. Double-click to copy through shortcut keys to generate translation results through DeepL
  3. Paid upgrade to DeepL Pro has unlimited web translation quota

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