Brandfetch quickly fetches information such as web logo, color, font and banner pattern (Chrome extension)

Nowadays, many companies or Internet services will put it on the “About” page Logo Sign, Standard colors and standard fonts, etc., can also allow those who need to quickly obtain these data. If you can’t find it, you can only go through the code or get it from other websites, such as Seeklogo Contains logo vector images of more than 300,000 companies around the world, and you can find brand patterns here;BrandColors It is to provide well-known brand color codes, and you can also check the required brands to generate corresponding color ticket files, which are convenient for developers or designers to access.I also recommended another similar search service before Instant Logo Search You can find thousands of brand logo vector images and download them in SVG and PNG formats.

This article will introduce “Brandfetch“Is a free Chrome extension that can quickly obtain the logo, color, font, banner pattern, and social site links of a webpage, Which is actually a brand search engine service, formerly known as Logo Grabber(In the past, only the logo of the website could only be crawled). For the logo or color of a certain service, you don’t need to go into the source code to search. It is a very convenient tool.

It should be noted that the Brandfetch extension can only be used after logging in to the service and obtaining the API. You can register for free directly by email. The limit of this tool is only 300 queries per month. If you need to check more webpages, you can go directly Go to the search service and enter the URL to find it. There is no quota for this part.

Chrome Web Store

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Open Brandfetch’s Chrome online app store page, click on the upper right corner “Add to Chrome“Download and install.



After downloading, click the Brandfetch button. The first time you use it, you will be asked to enter the Access Token. Follow the instructions to come to Brandfetch. Fill in your mailbox to get the link. Click the link to complete the registration and your access code will be displayed. This string of generated codes can be entered into the plug-in to enable the complete function. Only the first time you use it, you will be asked to fill in the Access Token. After you set it, you don’t need to perform other operations.



Click the Brandfetch button on the webpage, and the fetched website logo Logos, colors, fonts, banner patterns and social website links will be displayed in the drop-down window. Move the mouse cursor to the top of the picture and it will display “download“Button, you can directly get the original image file, if you click the color block, it will quickly copy the color code to the clipboard.


Scroll down and you will see links to the social sites of the website, company, or brand. If you find that the information is incorrect, you can click the suggested edit link below to submit new information for Brandfetch to help fix the problem.


Three reasons to try:

  1. Click on the plug-in on any website to get the logo, color, font and social website link
  2. Search through the Brandfetch website or use Chrome extensions
  3. Press the Logo or banner pattern to automatically download and save the picture

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