Apple wants us to take better portraits of our pets in its new “Shot on iPhone” campaign

If you share a flat with a pet, it is normal for you to have your mobile phone full of photos of them. Because that’s how it is, we love to show off our little animals, their impossible poses, the tricks they are capable of doing or how adorable they look while they nap.

Aware of this, Apple has proposed that we take better photos of our pets in the new edition of its “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Photographer Jason Nocito has been responsible for photographing a dozen pets using the iPhone 12 Pro and the High-Key Light Mono effect, which provides studio lighting for portraits.


In addition to the outdoor campaign that will bring these mascots to the streets of various cities around the world, Apple will offer a free virtual class taught by Jason Nocito on July 29. In it, he will teach iPhone users how to take better photos of their pets.

Meanwhile, the company has shared a series of tips that the photographer always takes into account when taking pictures of pets:

  • To get and hold your pet’s attention, hold a toy or treat over the camera lens
  • If you’re shooting outdoors, place your pet in indirect light and against a wall or plain background.
  • Place your pet in the center of the frame.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your pet to pose with High-Key Light Mono mode, take some normal photos with portrait mode. From there, you can apply the High-Key Light Mono effect later.
  • Lastly, shoot lots of different photos and keep the best one.

By the way, the agency behind this work is TBWAMedia Arts Lab.

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