Apple provides an iCloud password browser plug-in that can synchronize key ring passwords in Windows (Chrome extension)

If you are a Mac, iPhone, or iPad user, you should be used to syncing and backing up data through iCloud. There is a “ Keychain” (Keychain) which is very convenient. can help us Store or randomly generate passwords, manage credit card information, Wi-Fi network information, or other account information in different devices . These data will be protected with 256-bit AES encryption technology. Even Apple cannot read the content. With safety and convenience.

Although there is also iCloud software available for download and installation on Windows, the convenient “key ring” function cannot be integrated into the browser. As a result, the password saved by the user in Google Chrome cannot be synchronized with iCloud, which causes the Mac The problem caused by storing a part of the password separately with Windows. For example, if you create a password or change a password on one side, you must manually enter or set it on the other side, and the user may have encountered it before.

Recently, Apple launched the “ iCloud Password ” Chrome extension. After installation, users can use the same high-strength Safari password made on Apple devices in the Chrome browser on Windows Any new passwords made in Chrome will also be stored in the iCloud key ring to achieve synchronization between Windows PC, iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.

Simply put, if you have an iPhone or iPad and your computer is a Windows PC, when you generate or manage passwords in the iCloud key ring, it is very suitable to download the “iCloud Password” browser plug-in. Of course, if your computer is a Mac The platform itself has built-in these functions, no need to download additional extension functions.

iCloud password
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How to use


Open the iCloud Password (iCloud Passwords) extension page with Google Chrome browser, click on the upper right corner “ Add to Chrome” button to download and install. Please note that this plug-in is only available in Windows operating systems, and it is not necessary to install it if you are not using Windows.

iCloud password Chrome


After installation, click the iCloud password function in the upper right corner. You will be required to download “iCloud for Windows” to use this function. If your computer does not have iCloud software (Or lower than version 12.0) The following screen will appear.

iCloud password Chrome


Download and install the Windows version of iCloud and log in to the same Apple ID. It is listed in the Microsoft Store. Follow the Apple instructions to open the store and get it software.

iCloud password Chrome

After iCloud for Windows 12.0, there will be an additional “password” option that can be synchronized, but when I wrote this article, Apple temporarily reverted to the previous version, so The iCloud password is temporarily unavailable. According to foreign media reports, it may be the latest iCloud. There are still some problems to be solved. I believe it will be updated again soon.

When the “Password” option in iCloud is checked, the “iCloud Password” can save the new password generated by the browser to the iCloud key ring after returning to the Google Chrome browser, allowing users to use it on other Apple devices.

iCloud password Chrome

Three reasons to try:

  1. Apple launched the iCloud password browser extension for Windows
  2. You can use the high-strength Safari made by Apple devices in the Chrome browser Password
  3. You can also synchronize the new password storage made by the browser to the iCloud key ring

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