Amphetamine keeps Mac awake! Do not enter sleep mode under certain conditions

Amphetamine keeps Mac awake!Do not enter sleep mode under certain conditions
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If you are a Mac user, you may think the built-in “energy saver” function is very positive. For example, if you don’t want the computer to automatically go to sleep or turn off the display in certain situations or times, you can only adjust the options manually, and you cannot switch quickly. Mode, if you don’t want your computer to go to sleep or turn on the screen saver because it has been idle for too long, you can use the “Keeping You Awake prevents your Mac from going to sleep or screen saver due to idle”The free app does it (and earlier there was another Caffeine), but these applications can only keep the Mac system in a awake state. For more flexible and customizable options, try the next tools.

Recommended in this articleAmphetamine “Is a free Mac application, known as the greatest application ever to keep your Mac awake!In addition to the most basic usage to switch on and off to keep the Mac constantly awake (keep-awake), there is also a trigger function that can set specific conditions to automatically wake up the Mac or an external display.

If you use the external monitor screen of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you should find that when you close the computer without connecting the power cord, the external screen will continue to be in a black screen state, and there is no power connection under the default settings. If you want to close the MacBook top cover without connecting to the power supply, the display will not be able to display on the external screen. The problem can be solved by Amphitamine.

Quickly open the function menu from the upper right corner of Amphetamine to stay awake, which is also applicable to the following situations:

  • Turn on, turn off at a specified time, or continue to turn on without a time limit.
  • Keep your Mac from sleeping while downloading files.
  • Keep your Mac from hibernation while certain applications are running.

When Amphetamine is turned on to keep the Mac in awake mode, you can choose whether to put the display to sleep, enable the screen saver, put the system to sleep when the built-in screen is turned off, automate mouse cursor movement, lock the screen, etc. The functions and customization are very powerful ! Provide reference to friends in need.

Download from Mac App Store

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Open Amphetamine’s Mac App Store application page, download it for free, execute it and start using it.



The Amphetamine icon is composed of two semicircles, which will be displayed on the toolbar in the upper right corner of the Mac. After clicking, there will be several options and modes for turning on stay awake, including:Indefinitely, a specific time, other time or until when, when an application is running, when the file is downloading


Click Indefinitely or use shortcut keys to turn on and off Amphetamine so that the system will not be idle or close the screen (MacBook Air or MacBook Pro). When enabled, you can also choose whether to put the display to sleep and whether to allow 45 minutes The screen saver is displayed when there is no action.



If you want to keep your Mac from sleeping while a specific application is running, select “While App is Running“Find the application you want to add.



another”While File is Downloading“It will keep your Mac awake when downloading files. This feature is very useful, especially when the size of the downloaded file is large, it can avoid interrupting the download due to sleep in the middle of the download.

When setting this function, you will encounter a Timeout option screen. When the file capacity does not change or changes, it will automatically end the Amphetamine mode after a period of time.



Find “Triggers“The trigger function can also create trigger conditions to automatically keep the Mac awake and not enter sleep mode. It can be said to be the most powerful and flexible application of the application. The settings include:

  • When connecting an external monitor.
  • When the Mac display is mirrored output (for example, when watching a movie).
  • When a USB or Bluetooth device is connected.
  • When a specific application is running.
  • When a particular application is in use and is at the forefront.
  • When the MacBook battery is charging or the power exceeds a certain value.
  • When the Mac is plugged in or unplugged.
  • When your Mac has a specific IP address.
  • When your Mac is connected to a specific Wi-Fi network.
  • When your Mac is connected to Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
  • When your Mac uses a specific DNS server.
  • When using headphones or other devices to output sound effects (for example, playing room music with a Mac).
  • When installing a specific driver or mounting a specific device.
  • When the Mac’s CPU usage reaches a certain value.
  • When your Mac’s idle time reaches a certain value.


Users can turn on or off the continuous wakefulness function of Amphetamine in a trigger mode according to their own use situation.

Three reasons to try:

  1. Amphetamine is a free application that keeps your Mac awake without going to sleep
  2. If you connect your MacBook to an external monitor, you can maintain the external screen display when you close the lid
  3. Use the trigger function to set conditions and turn on or off the “do not enter sleep” function when necessary

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