Accents allows any Mac to choose the iMac 2021 special accent color to beautify the display

Accents Let any Mac choose iMac 2021 with special emphasis on colors and beautify the display effect

This year, Apple launched the equipped with M1 chip The new iMac 2021, using seven different colors, is the first time since the iMac G4 includes multiple colors. The most special is that in addition to the different appearance colors, even the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse and even the power cord can be matched with the same color system. It looks quite consistent, and it is loved by many users (as if every color has its supporters), I have to say that color is really a magical thing, adding more to the original unremarkable hardware possibility.

Some foreign users found that Apple also provides specific “emphasis colors” for these iMacs, that is, special colors other than the preset colors in the system preferences but these colors are unique to iMac and cannot be used in It is used by other Macs, but it can be done through the application.

The “Accents” to be introduced in this article is a simple Mac application that allows users to select iMac 2021 special accent colors including yellow, green, blue, pink, Purple and orange (silver has no corresponding accent colors), make your Mac interface a new look.

It should be noted that after Accents chooses any iMac color matching the system and applications need to be restarted before there will be updates and changes. If you are tired of the default accent and reverse colors of macOS, you can By adding other colors in this way, it will look more modern.

Mahdi Bchatnia-Accents

Use instruction


From the above website, click “Download” to obtain When you execute the Accents application, you will see the following screen. The default accent color is the default accent color. From iMac Accents, select the color scheme of iMac 2021. After selecting the preview below, you can see the color scheme in the button, progress bar, list or check box. Present the effect.

It should be noted that after selecting the iMac color scheme, it may be impossible to switch applications or open the Dock toolbar. At this time, the system must be restarted to return to normal and see the effect.



The following picture is the default Mac accent color effect, and I replaced it with iMac 2021 green effect. It looks quite saturated and not too eye-catching. Low-key color selection with texture.




If you don’t want to continue to use Accents’ iMac 2021 color matching in the future, you can set “General in System Preferences ]” option to switch the accent color and the inverted color, you can restore the Mac color to the default value.


Three reasons worth trying:

  1. Let any Mac use iMac 2021 Six special accent colors
  2. Including yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple And orange, select the preview interface effect
  3. After selecting any color, you need to restart the computer or application

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