12 free ebooks on advertising and creativity to celebrate #BookDay

Like every April 23rd, today is Book Day and one more year I wanted to celebrate it with you by sharing some free ebooks on advertising and creativity. And it is that in our profession one cannot stop learning and being aware of new trends and, for this, these types of resources are great.

I have tried to have a bit of variety, and I have collected from ebooks on advertising trends to guides and other books that I think may be interesting if you are dedicated to creativity and communication. Almost all are in Spanish, but I have included several in English because they have particularly caught my attention.

Most of them are direct download, although some will ask you for some information to be able to download them. Of course, they are all completely free. I hope you enjoy them very much and find them very useful!

Packaged brands: how some brands are built from packaging design, by Guillermo Dufranc

We start this selection with this interesting ebook that talks on brand building through packaging design. A very illustrative and easy-to-read book that will help you understand a little better the importance of packaging for branding.

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Think sexi. Guide for advertisers who want to sell a more egalitarian world, by Neus G. Parrot, Lia Mendonça and Carmela Serantes

These three creatives have created this guide to “break with the stupid and old stereotypes in advertising”. An ebook in which the 3 authors tell their experience to achieve a change in the communication of brands that stops thinking that men and women are not capable of the same things.

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“30 ideas on ideas”, by Marco Colín

You can read this illustrated book in the blink of an eye. In its pages, Marco explains how he understands creativity from an ironic and humorous point of view. Take a look because it sure brings a smile to your face.

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Get Handsy: creative lettering exercise book, by Beatrice Cho

If you are interested in the world of lettering, Beatrice Cho te proposes a book for beginners with various exercises to get you into the technique of creating letters by hand from scratch.

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Top Digital Trends 2019, by IAB Spain

The digital world changes at such a rapid rate that it is important to be aware of the new trends that are emerging. That is why ebooks like this one that collect digital trends are very important to our work.

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Influencer Marketing: Identify the most relevant influencers for your audiences, by Audiense

Influencer marketing could not be more than fashion, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start in this world. From Audiense they have launched this free ebook to help us with strategies, actions, brand success stories and much more

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“The anatomy of creativity ”, by Llorenç Guilera

This interesting ebook covers all the phases of the creative process. In its more than 120 pages, Llorenç reviews the education of creativity, its measurement, strategies, techniques…

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How to be creative, by Hugh MacLeod

This is an ebook in which MacLeod tells some tips that he has applied during his professional life to get more creative. Although it is in English, it is quite easy to read and I think it gives some good ideas that we can apply in our day to day life.

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Creativity with all its letters, by Ricardo López Pérez

It is a dictionary of concepts and common expressions in the field of creativity. A useful resource for those of us who are dedicated to advertising that never hurts to keep close by in case we need it at some point.

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Building a brand is like building a house, by Roger Lindeback

Building a brand is like building a house. That is what Roger Linderback tells in this book that delves into how to make branding tangible by relating it to everyday experiences.

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Trends in communication and marketing 2019: the generation that transforms technology, by Agencia Best

Best compiles some of the events and trends that will mark this year in the world of communication and marketing. In it, they talk about how to reach users through new habits and resources.

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Freelancer’s ebook, by Creaha

If you have decided to undertake on your own, you will surely have a thousand doubts as how much to charge , what tools can you use to be more productive, how to build your portfolio … This free book by Crehana is designed to solve all these doubts.

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Have you been wanting more?

If you’ve been wanting more, calm down. You can take a look at our compilation of free ebooks on advertising and creativity that we produced last year or at this selection of books for creatives that we published a few months ago. Surely you will find them very useful!

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