10 free fonts with personality for your designs

Typefaces are everywhere: banners, brochures, posters, logos, applications, web pages… Any graphic design job that contains text involves making use of typefaces, and sometimes finding the right one for each project can become a chore. quite complicated.

And it is that choosing the right font can help us convey emotions, differentiate the brand from the competition, create impact or simply help the message to be transmitted better. This implies being clear about the objectives of the piece that we are designing, knowing the recipient of the design well and, of course, investing some time in researching and looking for the typeface that best suits what we want to convey.

To make this last task a little easier, today I wanted to round up some of my favorite fonts that I’ve found and used over the past few months. All of them have a free version for personal use and some require a license for commercial use, although in general it is usually quite affordable (and even more so if you use it for a project for which they are paying you).

I leave them here and I hope you like them 🙂


This typeface, designed by Jérémie Gauthier (France), is inspired by Japanese culture. It has letters full of contrast that make it a typography as original as it is impressive. It’s free for personal use and licenses for commercial use start at $20.

Download miju

soul craft

Massimo Studio (Brazil) are responsible for this variable typeface that allows you to change the width and slant of each character individually. As they say, this “allows to replicate some peculiar characteristics found in the use of sans-serif letters in street signs and walls, giving an energetic and dynamic feeling to the compositions”. It is free for personal and commercial use and they have a space to donate if you want to thank them for their work.

Download soul craft


Over here we have a curious typography created by Kai Javier. The wavy and irregular shapes of it give it an organic and fun touch, perfect for great headlines. It is free for personal and commercial use.

Download LERTY

SK Concrete

This experimental typeface designed by Tikhon Reztcov and Andrey Karter (Russia) is “inspired by the works of great masters of type design, such as Adrian Frutiger, Eric Spickerman or Claude Garamon”. The result is a typeface steeped in the “spirit of modernism and monumentalism.” You can download it for free for personal use, for commercial use licenses start at 8 dollars.

Download SK Concrete


Aayush Mayank (India) is the author of this san serif font that is designed to work well at both large sizes and smaller texts. This typeface was free, but currently the designer uses the formula of “pay what you want for it” starting with a dollar (come on, for a dollar -for commercial and personal use- it is as if they gave it to you anyway).

Download trap*

N. T. Wagner

Let’s go now with this retro typeface created by Artem Nevsky (Russia), ideal to add a nostalgic touch to your design. It’s free for personal use and commercial licenses start at $18.

Download NT Wagner

S.K. Pupok

SK Pupok is “a decorative typeface with smooth, rounded shapes, perfect for experimenting with compositions and typographic styles.” It’s designed by Valentina Zigangirova and is free for personal use (for commercial use, licenses start at $8).

Download sk pupok


This typeface was designed to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Flúor Studio Design Advisors (Lisbon) and they have made it freely available to the public. The shapes of the letters are formed “by rectilinear lines that contrast with marked and elegant curves.”

Download Onekta

Daily Offer

Over here we have a nice typography inspired by the price signs that we can find in some markets and traditional stores. Its designer is Eduardo Ramalho and it is free for commercial and personal use.

Download Daily Offer

Publisher New

An elegant typeface “designed for large text” by Mathieu Desjardins for Pangram Pangram. As its author explains, “it is perfect to give your designs a retro touch from the mid-90s while remaining contemporary”. It’s free for personal use and commercial licenses start at $30.

Download Editorial New

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